Thanks to technology, we can do things we once thought were impossible. The Internet allows us to find information and use numerous resources from everything to preparing an extravagant dinner party to learning how to sew. The Internet is also full of useful websites and forums for people who are trying to lose weight. You can visit countless websites to discover exercise routines that work well for both your busy schedule and your body. But did you also know that there are certain apps that can be downloaded to your computer, your tablet, and even your phone? There are numerous apps that are available for you to choose from and many of them are absolutely free. If you have decided to start burning fat and losing weight, you’ll want to your search for the best apps to lose weight.

Decide What You Want from Your Apps


“First decide what you want from an app”

Because there are so many apps to choose from, you may end up overwhelmed and unable to decide which apps you want to download in order to best help you lose weight. Do you want apps that give you several different exercises you can do at home or at the gym? Or maybe you want an app that logs your progress of how far you have run and how many calories you have burned? Perhaps you just want an app that keeps track of what you have eaten and how much you need to exercise to burn off a set amount of calories? Regardless of what type of app you want, you can find them with minimal effort.

Apps that give you the best method to lose weight depend directly on what your weight loss goals are. If you want an app that allows you to track you calorie consumption and to keep a list of foods that you have eaten and the exercises you have completed, then apps such as Lose It! and My Fitness Pal may be great options for you. However, if you want an app that gives you different type of exercises you can do, then apps Fitness Builder,, and Nike Training Club may be better.

No matter what type of app you are looking for, all of them should include the same important criteria. You want an app that is user friendly. A user friendly app involves a simplistic design that does not leave you confused and frustrated. Some apps try to do too many things at one time, which forces you to spend time trying to learn how to use your app. Your time is valuable, and every second you spend learning your app is time you could be using to lose weight.

Good apps to lose weight should also have corresponding websites that you can access whenever you have time. These websites should include a place where you can find the answer to any questions that you may have. If not, they should at least contain contact information for you to contact someone from the company to ask your questions. If the apps you use do not contain a website, at the very least, they should have a way to ask questions via the app itself.

Fitness Apps Can be Fun


“Fitness apps can be real fun, if you really involve yourself”

You may be surprised by some of the apps you can find when searching for the best apps to lose weight. More so, you may be shocked with just how quickly your body burns fat when using a resourceful and user friendly app and adding a fat burner to increase your rate of metabolism. Fat burners such as CellulorSuperHDkickstart your body’s chemical process of breaking down matter and converting it to energy. This process helps you burn fat, which in turns helps you lose weight.

One of the biggest issues that many people have when it comes to burning fat and losing weight is that exercising is yet another chore for them to do. Other people dislike exercising because they find it boring and uninteresting. However, there are apps out there that are not only great to use when you want to burn fat and lose weight. They’re also a lot of fun.


“Zombies! Run app can really make you run for your life”

Zombies!Run is a great app for anyone who wants to make their fat burning and weight loss and interactive ordeal. With this app, you are given a storyline to listen to as you are walking, running, or jogging. Unlike some apps that mention made up characters, this app puts you into story. The longer you move, the more items you can acquire that will help you survive in a fictional world where zombies roam the earth. At certain points, Zombies!Run also requires that you move faster to avoid being captured by zombies.

FitFreeWay is also a great and fun app to use when you are trying to burn fat and lose weight. Like Zombies!Run, FitFreeWay is an interactive app that puts you into the story. However, whereas Zombies!Run you are fleeing from zombies, in FitFreeWay you are transformed as a car, a racing car to be specific. With this app, you decide which exercise to do. The exercises include using a stationary bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer. The quicker you move, the faster your racing car becomes. If you have remembered to take a fat burner like CellulorSuperHD before your workout, you will not even realize how much fat you are burning because you will be too busy having fun. You can check the rating and read the Cellulor review to find out if its’ good for you or not. The review is strictly written to help you come to a conclusion and make a safe choice.

Apps like FitFreeWay and Zombies!Run bring out our abilities to compete and challenge ourselves, but they do it in a way where it is natural, and most importantly, fun. This allows you to burn more fat at a quicker rate, especially if you dislike exercising.

Should You Spend Money on Apps?


“Spend money on a fitness app only after you have read the app reviews”

Most of the apps mentioned here are free. However, some of them do cost money. Deciding whether or not to spend money on apps can be slightly frustrating, but there are ways to figure out if you really should spend your hard earned money on apps that help you lose weight.

One of the first the first things you should do are read the reviews and check on the ratings on any apps you are considering. Apps that have low ratings and negative reviews are probably apps you should avoid, even if the app seems like it will be a lot of fun. Companies will stretch the truth or flat out lie about their apps and what they are capable of. They use altered screen shots and false advertisements to lure you into purchasing their apps.

Another thing you should consider is to see whether or not the app you want to purchase has a lite version. A lite version of an app is simply the same app, but with limited use. Lite apps are free of charge, and after you have used one, you may decide that the app that costs money will not be right for you, you may decide to purchase the full version of the app, or you may find that the lite version is really all you need.

Regardless of what apps you decide to use to help you burn fat and lose weight, make sure to always listen to your body. If your app is telling you to push yourself, but you feel that you cannot, close the app and work at your own pace. You know your body better than any app, no matter how great it is.


“It is all about money”

“It is all about money”

A quick online search and browsing on some of the best cam site review pages will confirm what many pundits have said that the most popular sites online are pornography sites dominated by girls and young women revealing themselves to the lascivious gratification of men on the prowl in cyberspace. No longer confined to just pictures and erotic stories, there are now sex calls, sensual online chats, streaming videos and real-time video chats that make online pornography thrive and grow. These websites know what a large and growing market pornography is and pimping women appears to be among the most lucrative business on the planet.

Defining prostitution

The mostly widely accepted definition of the word is that it is a profession where sexual acts meant to satisfy a customer is performed in exchange for money, socio-political favors, drugs, or other incentives. Prostitution is at the core of a flesh trade and is often undertaken by freelancing women or managed by a person or group who are commonly referred to as pimps.
It is said to be the world’s “oldest profession” that is just another career choice among both genders. This often overlooks the ugly side of prostitution as not a planned, sought-after or voluntary option as would be in becoming a nurse or an accountant. Instead, it is often the last resort to earn a living. Several sociological and psychological studies have looked into the lives of street prostitutes and some have delved into the reasons why they have allowed themselves to be pimped into prostitution. But one thing for sure, those websites that provide some of the best cam site review pages in online pornography suggests that pimps who control the trade never had so good in the age of the internet. At no other time in human history have prostitutes become globally accessible. Even kids in senior high and college who once hid Playboy and Penthouse magazines under the bed can now furtively browse through porn sites without fear of being found out by their parents.

Defining a pimp

“You will know it when you see one”

“You will know it when you see one”

The 2011 Oxford Dictionary defines a pimp as ‘a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.’ The Cambridge Dictionary describes the word as ‘a man who controls prostitutes, especially by finding customers for them, and takes some of the money that they earn.’ The “madam” is the pimp’s counterpart for male prostitutes.
A prostitute strikes a professional relationship with a pimp who acts as her manager and earns commissions out of making her available for the sexual gratification of male clients. Some of the best cam site review pages have identified brothels that manage a stable of prostitutes and a manager from any of these licensed brothels generally provide a more professional work environment where the women enjoy health benefits and legal protection with larger take-home pay.
A 1972 ethnographic research by Milner and Milner’s (1972) arrived at the same definition while further suggesting a more negative implication that the pimp lives off the proceeds of female prostitution, has the ability to control women, and is often characterized as loving to show off with expensive cars, and loud flashy clothes typically pictured in black ghetto culture. The word has its roots in mainstream American black society after appearing in the works of Robert Beck alias Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines in the 1960s and the 70s as well as in movies during the period.
Today, though, a pimp can just as easily apply to heads of prostitution houses anywhere on earth, not the least of which from Eastern Europe and Russia where illegal human traffic of abducted women from several countries ending up as high priced prostitutes have been going around in many tabloids and newspapers over the last decade.

Why women do not mind being pimped?

“They need money and purpose to survive”

“They need money and purpose to survive”

The overarching question that needs to be answered is why women allow themselves to be pimped. Some of the young women who become prostitutes have no family or relative they can live with securely, or are runaways escaping from a harsh life or the brutalities of parents or relatives. Those who do have children and surviving parents often seeking out better job opportunities in urban centers only to end up as hookers. Some have committed felonies and misdemeanors like vagrancy and or shoplifting.
In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, nobody seems to care about plight of these women who become vulnerable to the deceptive kindness of professional pimps who generally care, house, feed, and even provide generous money for personal use or to help their love ones. Some who are drug addicts have pimps are only too eager to support them, while those who are already prostitutes on their own find comfort, solace, and protection from pimps. In addition, it is not uncommon for pimps to have connections with local police and judges so that prostitutes under their care who get arrested can easily bail out or be released.
A professional pimp usually provides a father figure whom lost abandoned women find affectionate and caring and sometimes a level of belongingness they never had with their own fathers. Many also act like their boyfriends whom prostitutes find more understanding and caring than what they found with their previous lovers. This is often the seduction stage, winning the confidence and affection of protégés and would-be prostitutes who may or may not know who they are dealing with. Eventually and gradually, these pimps turn them loose on the streets. Pimps may match them with high paying clients for starters and then house them in a brothel or prostitution house. Only then will the girls realize what they have gone into.

Low self-esteem and prostitution go together

Anyone with a low self-esteem can be vulnerable to be exploited. Pimps know this and have often recruited women from low income groups to become receptionists and prostitutes in brothels. Several countries have become a favorite recruitment source such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, to mention some.
In Bangladesh for instance, poverty is the main cause of the spread of AIDS and health organizations have been quick to warn that this could lead to epidemic proportions due to widespread prostitution in the country aggravated by low income women selling their blood to medical institutions for money without being tested for HIV infections, a process not many hospitals can afford to do without charge.
Poverty and destitution are debilitating socio-economic conditions that disable people from getting the education they need to achieve a more financially secure lifestyle. Without any proper education, many of these disadvantaged women can only find employment in some of the most menial jobs with compensation levels that can’t even sustain decent living nor provide for their future. If they are blessed with good looks, these women readily turn to their most private assets not just to survive, but bring a level of prosperity into their lives. And where there are ready preys, there are predators. It is not uncommon to see individuals and groups pimping these women in the flesh trade. The women earn a level of remuneration significantly higher than what they could get if they had found employment as housemaids, waiters, kitchen aids, laundry women, or seamstresses. In the meantime, with a stable of women at their command, these pimps earn commissions that can shame insurance and real estate brokers.

Conclusion: Prostitution online

“Online prostitution is on the rise”

“Online prostitution is on the rise”

Prostitution has evolved to become more open and widely available to more people around the world, thanks to the internet. While young women have been showing their eagerness to be pimped hawking their bodies on the streets, the internet has given them another channel that can make prostitution more of a virtual service than a real-world service. It is now a lot easier to get dates with prostitutes through online dating services for short time sensual services rather than long-term relationships. These sites featured in several best cam site review pages maintain a stable of charming and exotic women who unabashedly show their natural endowments on images and videos like an online product catalog for the delectation of men looking for a sexual fling. Sites like Imlive have been the front runner in this live cam business for a while. You can read review here:, it shows the popularity that IMLive has amassed so far.
Gone are the days when men visit brothels and massage parlors or drive through red light districts in search of a transient relief to their sexual longings. The internet has made it increasingly easier, more convenient, more secure, more private, and certainly naughtier and raunchier, for men to find the ideal bed partner of their dreams every time they go online. It’s as if they get hold of a dynamic product catalog of potential sex partners in every state, city or municipality whom they can meet anytime and anywhere.

“Don’t let your children suffer from the negative effects of infidelity”

“Don’t let your children suffer from the negative effects of infidelity”

Are you someone’s loving husband? Are you an adoring wife to some lucky man? Have you been the devoted spouse for too long without even getting the kind of appreciation you deserve? Are you feeling the strains of trying to maintain a marriage or a relationship that you feel is going nowhere? That you have arrived at a dead end? If you are nodding in agreement, chances are, one of two things have already crossed your mind: Leave this non-productive kind of relationship, or have an affair with someone who can light up your fire once more. If this thought has already crossed your mind then you should know how to have an affair and not get caught. You can visit and learn the advanced affairs strategy to have a successful affair and bring back the lost passion in your life.

The problem is, when there are kids involved, it becomes this whole other story. Suddenly, whatever type of pain and suffering you’re feeling seems small and selfish if it’s your children’s happiness and comfort that is at stake. After all, these are your kids. Life and blood. And should you ever get caught having an affair, no one else would be as devastated as them.

But oh! To experience the excitement once again. That frenzied feeling you only get at the start of a relationship. Butterflies in your stomach. Dreamy eyes. All of a sudden, the world seems brighter, more colorful. And whether you admit it or not, the temptations of having an affair can sometimes become just a little bit too hard to resist. And how can you, when your primary partner doesn’t even seem to remember that you’re there? Well then if that’s the case, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. If you can hardly control yourself when it comes to the act of infidelity but love your children too much to risk letting them find out, here are a few things on how to have affairs without getting caught. Pay attention. There is no room for mistakes whatsoever.

Always Come Home Clean

“Check yourself, if there are any give away signs of infidelity- clean it”

“Check yourself, if there are any give away signs of infidelity- clean it”

This is one of the most important rules on how to have affairs without getting caught. It doesn’t matter where you decide to meet or to do it, you have to shower before going home. If you fail to do this, you will only be risking getting caught because of the possibility of missing to remove the scent of perfume, traces of red lipstick on the shirt, the neck, or even the face, stray hairs, etc. The worst thing that you can do is to take home a piece of their clothing because that would be just like keeping a time bomb in your drawer, your closet, your bag, or wherever it is you decide to keep it.

So the best thing to do before you go home is to make sure that you’re clean after meeting up with someone. If you don’t want to be caught, then you’ll do this one hundred percent of the time.

Never Take Home Mementos of Your Tryst

“Don’t take anything with yourself that can land you in trouble”

“Don’t take anything with yourself that can land you in trouble”

As mentioned above, taking home anything that can compromise what you are working so hard for to hide from your spouse and children would be the most foolish thing you can do. It doesn’t matter if you felt like the time you shared with each other the night before is so special that you just had to keep something to remember it by, you can’t. If you don’t want to have to risk explaining something that can potentially ruin your relationship with any of your family members, just leave everything to memory. It’s safer that way.

On that note, you also have to make sure that whatever messages you send to each other, whether it’s through posts, emails, text, chat, or what have you, that you delete it or throw in the trash immediately after reading. Don’t go all gushy on a note that you just got, and then decide to keep it because it’s “too sweet to be sent to the paper shredder.”

Be Financially Smart

“Don’t be careless with your finances”

“Don’t be careless with your finances”

The truth is, having an affair can be ridiculously expensive. And as the affair goes on, you will realize eventually that it becomes harder and harder to explain why you bring in lesser money every month. That you run out of money too soon.

There are a few things you can do to make sure that your spouse/partner doesn’t notice anything—especially when it comes to money. For one thing, you have to make sure that you keep a bank account that is separate from what you have with them. If it’s even possible, don’t let them find out about it either. This way you can do all the withdrawals that you want without any question where it’s going.

One of the rules of being smart is also going Dutch treat. Regardless of where you are, whether it’s a weekend away from everything, a quick drink after work, lunch or dinner, you always have to split everything. Unless you own millions that can go undetected, then it won’t be wise to always foot the bill.

Another thing that would diminish the chances of you getting caught is by always paying in cash. Using your credit card or even your debit card can just leave a paper trail of your activities. You do not want that to happen. If you don’t have cash and can only pay through the card, don’t leave the house. Or make the other party pay for everything if meeting each other means that much to both of you.

Minimize the Lies

You know what causes a person to fumble with his or her words when trying to explain to their spouse where they came from, why they went home too late, why it’s becoming more frequent, etc., is because they don’t know how to get their act together.

And how do you think your conversation is going to end up should you tell your spouse you’ll be at your friend Jim’s house for a couple of beers after work, (but really would be at this cheap motel downtown) then they decide to check on you by calling up?

So here’s what you do. Keep all of your lies as close as you possibly can to the truth. If you tell your spouse that you’ll be in Jim’s house, and then be at Jim’s house. Spend some time there, call home, and let them know you’re clearly there. Once they have the assurance that they need, then you can leave. If Jim is your best friend and you think you can trust him with your secret, then perhaps you can take the person you’re having an affair with you. But be careful, because when Meetups like this happen, there’s almost always something that goes wrong. The fewer people who know, the smaller chances it will be discovered.

So try avoiding making a string of lies. Even if you get away with it, recounting the story at a later date would be harder to do. If you missed on a teeny tiny detail, everything else can—and will fall apart. Always remember these tips on how to have affairs without getting caught. You’re already unhappy with your marriage as it is. One false move can throw all of that out of the window, with no chance of reconciliation. This can also mean losing your children’s trust and everything else that goes with it. So make smart choices once you decide to have an affair.


“Find out if your dating site is trying to scam you”

In the height of the digital age, so much human interaction is now being done online. Business is conducted through email and video conferences, friendships are forged on Facebook, classes are held online, and relationships are made on websites specially designed for dating. Many of these resources are at your fingertips for absolutely free, with no obligations. Unfortunately, a lot of these free services don’t come with the same perks as paid services do, including but not limited to better and more personalized dating sites. This can lead you on quite the search for the perfect site that works for you.

The Many Kinds of Dating Sites


“Plenty of dating niches to suit your desires”

In the past decade, dating sites have soared in popularity. There are sites for you to date people according to their race, religion, and age. You can specify if you’re looking for simple hookups or a committed relationship, and what gender you’re looking for. All of this is available on free sites, of course, but you can certainly get more out for your buck on a site with a subscription fee. These sites often have free trials, and you can begin paying a monthly fee after the trial period ends if you like how the site works. Be careful when choosing a dating site, though, because with the rise of online dating there has also been a significant increase in the number of hookup site scams you can encounter while trying to find the girl of your dreams. You must read the reviews of the sites before making a choice. For instance, you can read JustHookup review at and learn more about hookup dating scams.

How To Spot A Scam

Scam sites will probably look less developed than their legitimate cousins, and might at best have a well-rendered intro page. If the dating site you’re on looks like it’s from the nineties, don’t trust it, and don’t give the site your money. Scammers aren’t looking to make a nice, pretty website – that costs money, which is money that they’ll be taking from you and not putting towards anything benefitting you. Sites like and eHarmony have nice interfaces created by skilled web designers, as well as an easy to use system. You’ll have a variety of options and each page you visit on these sites will look well developed and modern. The legitimate sites almost always offer free trial periods as well, because they know that they’re good enough to warrant getting your money at the end of the trial period. Scam sites will want you to pay immediately, and won’t offer any sort of sample or trial time. Avoid dating sites that have strange textures as the background and word art. Generally the font comic sans in a web page is a sign that it isn’t too carefully thought out as well.

Other Red Flags


“Unwanted chat windows popping up on your screen is a sign of scam site”

Another red flag is a chat window popping up with someone wanting to talk to you before you’ve even entered your information. Whether or not this hot babe is listed as a local single, it’s likely that she’s a computerized messaging system that wants your money more than your conversation. She might be pretty and posed provocatively in her profile picture, but think logically here. How would a local single have gotten your information to find you when you haven’t even put it into the site yet? It is not possible, and it’s a common scam used by illegitimate hookup sites. The “girl” will continue messaging you with increasingly desperate statements, and when you respond to her your computer will be flooded with tabs and potentially filled with viruses, some of which could crash your computer completely.

Other Scammer Tricks to Beware


“She may tell you that she is a Malaysian princess”

Scammer dating sites will also find their way into your spam folder in your email. And no matter how badly you may want to help that Malaysian princess, do not give into the temptation. Scamming hookup sites intentionally use photos of beautiful and sexy women to garner your interest and sympathy, and consequently dig their claws into your wallet. Try and imagine instead a balding man in a stained wife-beater eating greasy potato chips in front of an old computer in a dimly lit apartment, because that’s a more accurate mental image of who you’re giving your money to than the dark-skinned beauty on your screen. If any spam tries to get you to enter bank or personal information, delete that email immediately. Entering information like that can get your bank account hacked into and your identity stolen in no time, which can lead to permanent credit damage. If somehow your bank account does get hacked if you’ve been tempted to put in your information, call the bank and explain the situation. You can withhold the part about the Malaysian princess if you want, but get your funds frozen immediately until you can fix the situation. Scam sites like this are nothing to take lightly.

Beware The Matchmakers

Other fake scam hookup sites might promise to fix you up with your best matches like eharmony, of course with a fee. It will say that the features are unusable for nonpaying members, and may even boast that it’s the best dating site around. As a general rule, steer clear of dating sites whose names you do not recognize – sites that you see commercials for are the most reputable and won’t take your money from you and not do anything. These fake sites, once you put in your information and pay for your “subscription”, will do one of two things. The more likely option is that it won’t do anything once you enter your information, and you’ll be left short of cash and with the sad realization that you just paid however much to play around on a site that doesn’t even work. The other option is that the site will hook you up with a fake person who, after you talk to them, will never respond. Or if they do, the response will be automated and you’ll essentially be on a date with Siri. Maybe some people are into that, but chances are you didn’t pay your hard-earned cash to chat up a robot online all day.

It’s always frustrating when you fall victim to a scam, but it does happen. When venturing out into the vast internet, it’s important to have your wits about you. If something seems fishy about a site, then your instincts are probably right and you should look into the site more before really delving into it. Don’t give away your personal information and pin numbers freely – only enter information like that on sites that you have heard of and know for a fact are trustworthy. Do not trust sites that look outdated. If the site is truly popular, then the moderators will have had money to make renovations to keep it modern and up to date. Outdated sites show a lack of dedication to the actual site, and you don’t want to pay for a site that isn’t going to be dedicated to providing you with the best dating experience possible. It’s a dog-eat-dog world online, but not impossible to navigate. Most of it can be chalked up to common sense, and not allowing yourself to be fooled by picture of beautiful women. When you find a dating site that is legitimate and works for you, you can find your own beautiful women that aren’t run by computers or greasy old men. Be careful, and always do your research.


“Learn the tips to always get lucky”

A dude’s ideal night out would be to pick up a hot babe and getting laid within the hour. Even better is if it works every time. Most guys don’t have the formula for making that work, though (at least, not consistently). It’s a good thing we’re here to help you out. We asked three women what would almost always get them to say yes to sex—but first, we asked them what would always make them say no.

What Would Make Them Say No?


“Stop getting rejected because of stupid pick-up lines”

Ashley R., a physical therapist, says, “Don’t be cheesy about it. I love that show ‘How I Met Your Mother’, but most of what Barney did to pick up women would be a huge turnoff. Don’t be all gimmicky about it, the way he was, and don’t assume women are stupid. We have just the same average intelligence as men, so don’t think we’ll fall for, ‘I only have one month to live, and I’ve never had sex. I wanted to wait until marriage, but there’s no time for that now. Will you help make sure I don’t die a virgin?’ True story! I actually had someone try that on me. I mean, seriously? I’m supposed to believe that? Have a little faith in my ability to pick up on it when I’m being fed a line of bull. Some strategies guys find for sex and dates are just lame.”

Alexis T., a porn star (you’d know her if we used her screen name!), says, “Don’t assume you know what we want. I have guys do it at work, and I have guys do it when they’re trying to pick me up. Its worse when they’re trying to pick me up because then they’re lying to look good or trying to look appealing. We know when you’re doing it, and it’s pathetic. Just be honest, you know? Because there’s no way I’m going home with some guy who’s following a pickup artist date-finding and sex strategy. There are way better options out there.”

Tamara L., a finance professor, tells us, “Don’t try to show us up. I have so many men find out I’m a professor and then start acting like they’re smarter than me. They pick a category—say, art history—and expound on it for no real reason. Am I supposed to get on my knees just because he knows some facts and can string them together well? I don’t think so. Don’t be intimidated, either. Unless it’s within my field and you’re wrong, I’m not going to deliberately show you up, and I won’t belittle you either way. Probably Oh! And no professor who likes her job will sleep with a student. Come back when you’ve graduated, and you might have a chance. Just make sure you don’t bring an overused sex-finding and dating strategy.” If you really want some good tips for success then visit Follow this sex dating guide and always get a ‘Yes’ from the woman you want.

So What Would Make Them Say Yes?


“Real compliments will make her say – yes”

“Be original,” Ashley R. says. “I don’t mean in the gimmicks you try—like I said, those won’t get you anywhere. But when you approach me, try giving me an unusual compliment. I’ll catch it if it’s backhanded or nagging, and so will most women. Just go for something other than my rack or my rear. Try telling me I have a charming smile, or maybe say the way I laugh reminds you of this trip you went on. Something like that is going to get you a lot farther than telling me you’ve overdosed on Viagra and have to bang right away or you’ll die—another true one, by the way. It didn’t work with any woman there. Make me feel good about myself, and I’ll pay a lot more attention to you than I will to any guy who’s going to ask if it hurt when I fell from heaven before trying to get me drunk enough to go home with him. If you make me feel good about myself, and you’re charming on top of it—not all British upper-crust, but just polite and funny and kind of attentive just to me, not checking out every other woman in the room—then I’m almost definitely going to go home with you. What can I say? A girl likes to feel special.”

Alexis T. tells us, “If you recognize me from my work, mention it once with something like, ‘Hey, weren’t you in that porno with that chick?’ I’ll respect you a lot more for owning it. Don’t dwell on it, though. My work isn’t everything about me. In my off hours, I want people to pay attention to the fact that I like Van Gogh and that I have strong interests in some charities, like this one cattery that rescues special-needs cats that can’t otherwise be rehomed. Talk to me about that and don’t stare at my chest while you do, and you have a chance. I don’t want to talk about my career all night. I don’t think any woman does. Besides, I’m just not that comfortable telling a stranger the ins and outs of my industry. I’d much rather talk about the marathon I’m training for or the fact that I’m considering doing a triathlon next year. Those are a lot more interesting. If you can do that and be respectful at the same time, I will seriously consider going home with you.”

According to Tamara L., “I just want to feel special. With most men I meet, they treat me the same as every other woman. I don’t mean they treat me like I’m equal to other women—I mean they treat me like we’re interchangeable. That’s definitely not the case. When I have a guy notice the book I’m reading and ask if I mind talking about it, instead of assuming I want to, he’s already scored points. He’s not acting entitled to my time, he’s being respectful, and he’s showing interest in my interests. That mostly happens at the coffeehouse, though, which usually doesn’t lead to going home. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing at the bar, though. Pick up on something I’m interested in, maybe listen to the conversation I’m having with the bartender, and go from there. Pay attention to me—actually me, not the version of me that you copy-pasted from your generic idea of women. If you can do that and you’re not one of my students, then you stand a very good chance of taking me home.”

What We Take From This


“Understand the importance of paying attention”

We can get a pretty solid strategy for finding dates and sex from this. Basically, they’re all saying the same thing, which is awesome for us. They want us to pay real attention to them and not put them into some generic box marked ‘women’. That’s not so bad. We were pretty worried about what a porn star would say, but it sounds like anyone might stand a chance if we listen to her interests and hold a conversation about them. It’s kind of funny that they don’t like the idea of that box; they all gave answers that fit into one package. Next time we go out, we’re going to see how well this plays out, instead of using the same compliments and pickup lines.


“Give yourself a break from the scam sites” is arguably one of the most famous fling dating and hookup sites on the Internet right now. Even its name sounds great. Horny matches? What’s bad about that, right? It’s no wonder the site rose to popularity with as blunt and promising of a name as that. If only fame always meant that it was something incredible, right? That’s definitely not the case with this site. markets its tagline as “sex personals and beyond” but it really ends up being nothing more than a poorly done scam. It falls into categories of other sites like Adultfriendfinder that have been criticized as pulling off the usual bait-and-switch; conning you into signing up for a profile to try and attract more women and leaving you hanging.

Bad Reviews


“Don’t trust the flashy and enticing reviews – you’re being scammed”

Take our word for it, reviews are not favorable. That’s bad news for you, right? If you’re considering this as one of your options for fling dating or hookup sites, turn your search around and head for another site.You can create a profile totally for free. There are very few dating and hookup sites on the Internet that don’t allow you to create at least a basic profile for free and is no different. You can look at the hot women that are supposedly awaiting you, and your profile is visible to anyone on the site. The thing that makes reviews so poor comes after that. You’ll get “winks” from women sent to your profile and that’s where the trouble stars. “Winks” are basically page views and tiny little messages girls can send you to let you know they’re interested. It’s kind of like when Facebook had that terrible poke feature that was supposed to be funny and ended up just being a subtle and immature way to tell someone you wanted to have sex with them. It didn’t work for Facebook and it’s not really working for, because we see right through it.



“The scams will take all your money”

You’ll get tons of winks from hot women all over the world, just like the site promised. A lot of them will even have profiles indicating that they’re in your area, and you’ll want to get really excited. The women will be good looking and available and they’ll be sending you messages telling you that they like what they see and that they want to see more. They’ll want you to message them back, but the kicker is that to message back, you have to attain “Gold” or “Silver” status, which, you guessed it – costs between $30 and $40. Yeah, right. You might be tempted because if you don’t reply to that hot babe’s first message, you’ll get another one the next day asking why you didn’t reply. She’ll ask if you’re not interested in her, and she’ll sound really cute. Don’t fall victim to this site’s scam like so many other men and pay that money because it will get you nowhere. As soon as you pay for that membership, all your winks you’ve been receiving will be cut off almost instantaneously, and no women will message you back. It’s notoriously hard to get your money back, so you’re out $40 that you could have spent buying a babe drinks at a bar to lure her into bed, or on a new toy for a kinky hookup. Yeah, the women in those pictures have gorgeous faces and sexy bodies, but they’re models. Women paid to pose for pictures for fake profiles all designed to scam you out of your hard-earned money. The site is rigged so that their fake profiles don’t look like a fake. A lot of reviews will indicate that they saw the same results: the women were almost always showing up as online. Now, unless she doesn’t have a job to speak of, and no outside life, there’s no way she’s always online and always on the site. They always seem to say that the last login was “today” or “a few hours ago” or “online now”.

Approved Changes


“Don’t fall their money-making scam”

What really puts the icing on the cake that is this online scam is that you have to have your profile changes approved. Approved, meaning that any text you put in your profile description has to go through their moderators, who are there, of course, to help their company make money at your expense. So if you’re thinking that you can still have a profile listed and then just put the e-mail address in there to have the women contact you if they’re legit to circumvent their faulty scam system, think again. We’ve found that trying to do this doesn’t work. Their moderators will catch it, and they’ll deny the profile change. They’ll claim it’s because having an e-mail listed in your profile will make you more likely to fall prey to scams and bots, which is more than a little funny. Just take a look at the irony in that: a scam site saying they want to protect you from scams? It’s laughable.

Good Search Function

One thing that reviews do seem to agree on: the site does earn points for its search function, which has the potential to be one of the easiest functioning ways to search on a hookup or dating site. The “seeking” spot offers up a variety of options to say that you’re searching for; just one woman, or maybe a lesbian couple if you’re into threesomes. You select the age range you want results returned for just like you would on any other dating site, but the “Looking for” section is where it really shines. You can select that you’re looking for anything, down to more specific things. Are you just looking for raunchy e-mails back and forth or maybe just some sexting? There’s an option for that. There’s an option to select if you’re looking for group sex, exhibition and voyeurism, and just your standard 1-on-1 sex. That inventiveness in a search function is very impressive, and we definitely commend them on that. Now, if only the search function would bring up profiles that aren’t complete scam trying to get your credit card information.

So, bottom line is that reviews suck, and the site is garbage. It is a scam website. Read more about it at hornymatches adult personals review. Trust only legit reviews when it comes to choosing a sex partner. A good search system and an easy-to-navigate profile don’t make up for the fact that the site is filled with fake profiles and money-making scams. The whole ordeal is bound to exhaust you and betting on the tiny sliver of a chance that you might meet an actual woman on isn’t worth paying almost $40 for on a whim. You’re better off going to a site with better reviews, one that seems more legit and doesn’t try to scam you out of money just to send a simple message to a hot chick. Any site that tells you that they always recommend interacting through their site and their site only first instead of giving you the option to talk elsewhere as an excuse as to why you can’t list an alternate e-mail or way of contact is definitely a scam, so don’t fall victim to it. The site is a fake, the profiles are fabricated, and you’re only going to end up with one hell of a headache if you try and look for any sort of hookup on


“A scammer is after your money”

The popularity of the Internet, particularly social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have made communication so much easier in this period of our history. Our dependence on email and online services has made it possible to interact faster and at the convenience of an office desk or at home. This has opened a lot of good possibilities for business, leisure, pleasure, and even prospects for love. However, it has provided new opportunities for the con artists to take advantage of.
In recent times, the volume of online traffic on most Internet dating websites has grown tremendously. And with this growth comes an increase in the incidence of internet personals dating scams. Fraudsters or scammers are out there preying upon the unwitting, and as we speak a lot of them are busy trying to swindle or deceive their next victim. You must learn how to spot these scams. For example, you can read the zoosk review that has been discussed on online personals guide and find out whether is a scam or not.

Why do people fall victim to scams?


“Sincere Single people fall victim to scams”

Perhaps most people who register on singles dating websites are sincerely looking for someone to have a serious committed relationship with. However, scammers are preying upon their genuine intentions.
It may be surprising that a lot of these people, even the smart ones with above average IQ, can easily get fooled by internet personals dating scams. Psychologists actually blame it to what is called the “halo effect”.
It is basically what occurs when we notice something that we like about a person, most often his or her physical beauty or appeal, and then begins imagining other desirable traits and qualities that he or she may have. It is the very same reason why good-looking job applicants get hired more easily than average-looking ones and why good-looking people often get paid more.
The same principle is at work even in online dating. When we see an attractive person or read an interesting profile, we soon project onto that person the positive qualities we are looking for. And then we start believing them to be true, letting our guard down and ignoring the red flags and warning signs. Online con artists enjoy capitalizing on this “halo effect.”

What are the usual telltale signs of dating scams?

According to online dating statistics, one out of every ten profiles created on free dating personals websites are fake. These profiles are created for the sole purpose of defrauding people of their money.
It may be obvious that people on dating websites tell little white lies by putting more positive spins to their age, weight, vital statistics, status, income, etc. But these are typical. What you should be more wary about are those blatant or outright deceptions that are passed off as being real.

Look out for these red flags:

1.) Military pictures used in the profile.
Some of the largest scams are from supposed soldiers with a believable sob story and a desperate need to settle down.
2.) Unrealistic or fake photographs.
If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The photo may have just been taken from an online profile or a social networking account of a model or actor / actress. You may want to do more investigating first.
3.) Sleazy or indecent user names
This is especially true for women who normally don’t think about sex all the time. But men who are sincere in looking for a lasting relationship based on love won’t use inappropriate user names either.
4.) Vague profiles
Sincere individuals looking for a partner will want their online dates to understand who they are. So they normally use profiles specifically describing themselves, not one that fits the description of almost anyone.
5.) Requests to transfer conversations to MSN, Skype, or other private messaging services.
Conversations should at least be kept initially on the dating website messaging system. Be cautious if he or she insists on transferring.
6.) E-mail discrepancies.
See if the communication is difficult to understand, unclear or repeated. Check also if the responses are very quick even without a clear agreement on when you’ll be online. Also, if the person’s e-mails don’t seem to be following earlier conversations or are contradictory to those previously said, it might be that he or she is using scripted seduction techniques.
7.) Inappropriate responses.
If the person claims to be local, engage in local-knowledge conversation about current events, the weather, etc. and check for mistakes. If the person is not local, consider the reason why he or she would like to pursue a long-distance correspondence and relationship.
Also check if the person is hesitant to share his or her personal information or does not reply in a personal manner.
8.) Asking for money or to cash a cheque
If the person asks you to wire him or her cash or send it online (through PayPal, etc.), don’t do it no matter what the reason is and no matter how plausible the sad story sounds. The sob story is usually an emergency and you are made to believe that only you can help. Don’t fall for it. If the request is to cash a cheque, don’t do it either.

How are these typical scams done?


“Spot a fake profile early”

Internet personals dating scams often work this way: a con artist, usually based in an Internet café overseas, will lift a photo of an attractive man or woman from social networking sites like Facebook then proceed to meticulously craft a fake profile. Then he or she begins targeting people who are out looking for love.
Once the person has made contact, he or she will usually request to move the conversation to a private instant messaging service. Then the scammer will present himself or herself as a caring, thoughtful and loving individual who is also looking for love. These scammers are experts at what they do. They ask a lot of questions to their intended victims regarding what they want and what they are looking for.
The con artist will then begin the courtship process by using words we all like to hear. He or she uses psychology to hold the victim under his or her spell, even sending love letters or poems for weeks on end. He or she will want to make an emotional connection. Once a relationship has been established then the scamming takes place.
In every case, a request for financial assistance coupled with a well-worn sob story is the key to the scam. This is a dead giveaway. It may take either one of the following forms:
1.) The scammer will offer to fly to meet the victim. But within hours of the expected arrival time, an emergency will occur, such as a work Visa has expired or a close relative (child, parent, etc.) gets sick and he or she needs money to be wired so that they can finally meet as planned. The emergency may also be that he or she was mugged on the way and is now at the hospital and needs your help in paying for the hospital bill.
2.) He or she is desperate to come to you but is unable to do so because he or she has landed in a hotel and cannot pay the bill. The hotel management is holding all of his or her papers and your help is needed to settle the bill.
3.) The con artist is already at the airport but needs cash because his or her credit card has been declined.
4.) The con artist needs your help in cashing a cheque he or she is unable to cash.
5.) The scammer asks for your home address and sends you flowers, letters and/or gifts. Later the scammer will tell you that he or she has ordered some things but the courier is refusing to ship them to the intended recipient. He or she will need to ship these items to you first then you have to ship them to the original recipient.
Numbers 1, 2 and 3 above are direct approaches to swindle you of your money. Numbers 4 and 5 will involve you in fraudulent transactions that may lead to a loss of your money as well as a felony. The cheques they will ask you to cash are not funded and the items they request to ship are mostly contrabands or could be smuggled goods.

How do you prevent yourself from becoming a victim?


“Be careful & cautious from the start”

Here are some ways of protecting yourself from internet personals dating scams:
1.) When you create a profile in any singles dating website, provide as little information as possible about your whereabouts and assets. You don’t need to indicate what kind of car you drive or how much is the house you live in. Scammers look for indications of wealth as they look through profiles and photos (including backgrounds). You are sure to invite their attention if your photos display the money.
2.) Join only paid online dating sites. Paid sites have a paper trail of their members through their credit card information.
3.) When you intend to join online dating sites, create a new e-mail account for it. This can protect your privacy because it is easier for scammers to get information from an e-mail address that you have used for many years.
4.) Use search engines to check for the person’s profile on social networking websites.
5.) Check out the person’s photographs. There are websites such as that you may use to see where on the internet a particular photo may have appeared.
6.) Ask for more information before you share your e-mail address and phone number. Make sure the details he or she shares match his or her Facebook page.
7.) Use your cell phone number. Scammers can find your home address easily using your home phone number (finding your home address using your cell phone number is more difficult).
8.) Trust your gut. And you may use a search engine to check if any sob story scenario you hear is way too common.
9.) Don’t give money to strangers.
Legitimate online dating sites are also getting involved. EHarmony tries to educate its members about safety. This site as well as, and employs full-time fraud-prevention teams composed of persons (not computers) to review and check every profile, photo and message using technology and instincts. At, members may choose to pay for a background check of anyone on the site. And, and have partnered with RecSys Ltd, an anti-scammer technology, to catch fraudsters faster.

Ultimately, the best protection is to be vigilant and well-informed. A con artist may spend a lot of time building rapport and earning your trust before asking for anything. Consider that even if you have spent weeks or months interacting online, you don’t really know anyone from your online communications. You just have an impression of how he or she chooses to present themselves. When you think you are being scammed, block the scammer from your e-mail, delete him or her from your address book, remove him or her from your instant messenger or put him or her in the ignore list. Also remember that long distance coupled with requests for money equals a scam.


“Become an expert”

In the information marketing business, it’s important to develop a lot of high quality content. Finding a moneymaking niche is an excellent way to develop a viable business, but sometimes it can get rather tedious if you don’t have the passion. Finding that intersection of passion and profitability can be an incredible thing, but sometimes you may find that the product or subject that you are most passionate about is one that you don’t know very much about.
A number of people make the mistake of assuming that niching in a particular area requires that they already be experts in that subject. Fortunately, simply having a strong passion and knowledge of basic research techniques can be enough to turn almost any profitable passion into a potential niche area. The top online training software can help you to accomplish a number of vital tasks, but it cannot give you the passion you need to develop enough content for your products. With hard work and some time, you can quickly become an expert in the subject are passionate about, even if you don’t know anything more than the basics right now. Find out more about the training tools at Get the top online training software to become an expert in a niche.

Read Information from Experts You Most Admire


“Always keep yourself up to date with the latest blogs by your admired expert”

The first place to look for information is to check out what experts in your field have to say. Read their blogs and go through the information on their websites. If they are published in magazines or legitimate online publications, take the time to read the articles. If you don’t know any experts whom you admire, Google the subject to see whose names start showing up.
You may find it helpful to take notes on the work you read. Don’t just browse the material, to become an expert. You must dig deeper. Bookmark the experts whom you admire most, and remember to let them know about the value you place on their work. Whenever a blog post or an article impacts you or helps you to better understand that particular topic, take the time to thank them. It’s a valuable networking opportunity, and it’s a great way to encourage them to keep producing great work.
Pay particular attention to industry publications. For instance, if you are interested in glasswork, subscribe to magazines and newsletters that cater to this particular interest. You’ll receive up-to-date industry information as well as advanced ideas. At first, all of the knowledge may overwhelm you, but you can develop it into a wealth of article product ideas.

Participate in Professional Groups and Associations


“You can learn a lot more from a group of professionals”

As soon as you realize that you are interested in a particular niche and want to develop it into a money making product, join related professional groups and associations. You generally don’t have to have qualifications to join most of these groups. The benefit from these groups is you will learn a great deal about the industry and perhaps make some valuable connections.
As you are on these sites participating in these groups and reading information from experts, consider the ways that you can differentiate yourself. Obviously, you don’t necessarily want to be in direct competition with these experts. They have significantly more experience in the field, and you don’t want to betray friendships you may have made. Avoiding direct competition with the individuals whom you network with can allow you to assist them as well through complementary services and information products.

Remember the Beginner’s Perspective

It’s easy to assume that the only way to develop a niche is to offer highly specialized information. After all, since you need to differentiate yourself, it might make sense to get into the deeper and more complicated information. Such a depth of knowledge might make a beginner’s level of understanding seem inadequate. Fortunately, that’s not the case. Keep in mind that the beginner’s perspective can offer plenty of room for differentiation.
Other people will be interested in the subject as well. Oftentimes, experts tend to approach a subject from the standpoint that everyone understands what they’re talking about. You can use top online training software to create a number of courses that detail the basics of this niche. To differentiate yourself, check other general content sites and make sure that your information is still distinguishable from theirs. Focus on providing clear directions and information on the niche so that even a person who knows nothing about it can get involved.

Use the Niche as an Opportunity to Grow

Whether you decide to use top online training software to prepare a series of educational courses or opt for eBooks and reports, you can use your niche as an opportunity to grow and learn all about the things you wanted to learn. You may be able to structure your initial product information based along the same interests that you have. Consider everything that you want to know any order you would want to know it in. This can provide you with a highly effective outline for developing your initial information products.

Find a Mentor to Help Double Check Your Work

When you’re first starting out, it’s a good idea to find a mentor who can help you. The more technical your niche, the more you will need a mentor. Sometimes, it helps to have a personal relationship with the individual before you request assistance. Remember to tap into your current connections. One of the benefits of being active on social media platforms like LinkedIn is that you have increased opportunities to network with people who might be able to help you.

When contacting an expert to mentor you, make sure to be polite and flexible. He may not be able to give you a lot of time, and you need to be respectful of his work schedule and other commitments. Often times, it’s best if you already established long-term positive relationship with an individual before approaching with such request. Also remember to pay it forward after he’s done mentoring you and take the time to mentor another up-coming entrepreneur.

Tailor the Niche to Your Current Knowledge But Remember to Expand


“Don’t forget to expand your horizons”

While remembering the beginner’s perspective can provide you with more than enough material to start off with, don’t forget to let the niche expand as your knowledge base expands. Every few months, take the time to evaluate where you are with your current niche. Look to see whether you are meeting the benchmarks that you wanted to meet. Over time, it’s best to redevelop the niche, allowing you to either expand or contract as necessary.
Re-evaluating your niche does not mean that you have to take down courses that you put up using the top online training software or remove the e-books that you have written on a particular topic. Instead, it means re-focusing the content going forward. This way you don’t continue to add more content to an area that isn’t paying back, but at the same time you allow the content you’ve already established to continue bringing in income passively. When switching an online course to a source of passive income, make sure to note any changes in communication protocols. You don’t want students to assume that you’ll be available for their questions when you won’t be.

Many will say that the iPhone is getting better and better after every release. When we say better, the features of the gadget are constantly improving. This includes the camera of iPhone which they say is getting better. However, those who are fond of using digital cameras say that the camera of iPhones are overrated and will never become better than the quality of pictures that digital cameras capture. You can verify this yourself as we take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of both digital cameras and iPhone cameras.

Digital cameras

The first advantage of digital cameras is that they are relatively cheaper compared to the latest iPhone. This makes digital cameras more affordable than the iPhone. Because of the price difference, more and more people can use digital cameras. Digital cameras also have zoom properties. With the zoom, you can capture the same kind of quality even if the subject is very far away. Aside from that digital cameras are dedicated solely for capturing images, so in terms of control over lighting, shutter speed and other properties, you are given much more control in digital cameras. Digital cameras are also tougher compared to the iPhone.

Digital cameras have also their weaknesses. Once you capture a picture using a digital camera, you can’t upload it in social media websites at once. You need to transfer the file from the camera to your computer so you can upload it. This can be a hassle to many especially if the users are on the move constantly. If you bring a digital camera, you can take pictures only. Once you get bored you have to resort to other gadgets to entertain yourself. When you want to edit an image, you can’t do it on the camera itself. You have to transfer the file to the computer and edit it using an editing program.

Digital cameras

Digital cameras

iPhone Camera

When you take a photo using your iPhone camera, you can upload it immediately in your favorite social media website using many iPhone apps. You can immediately upload the picture that you have captured, be it in Instagram or in Twitter. If you are travelling or if you are on the go, this can be a practical choice as long as you have access to the internet. When you get bored, there are so many things that you can do in the iPhone. You can play games, you can call a friend or surf the internet. The same cannot be said to the digital camera.

However, not many people are able to afford an iPhone5 because of its price even if it is already discounted. More people prefer the digital camera over the iPhone when price is considered. On top of that, iPhone cameras don’t have zoom properties. You can buy an iPhone accessory that places zoom on top of the camera but these accessories are either expensive or don’t have the quality that you will need.

Smart Tripod Stand for iPhone and Digital Camera with Adjustable Clip

Smart Tripod Stand for iPhone and Digital Camera with Adjustable Clip

If you are fond of travelling, the iPhone camera would be the practical choice but if you are really a fan of the quality of photos being captured then the digital camera is the right gadget for you.

You are dating someone these past few days and he seems to be perfect. He’s charming, a good talker, and might probably be your next boyfriend. But something is wrong with him. He has just recently been in a bad breakup. You know that it’s over, but he’s acting all weird. The signs are all over the place yet you’re not entirely sure what they mean. Don’t act all oblivious; you might just be his rebound! Know the signs and get out of there as fast as you can.

1. He talks about his ex all the friggin’ time

When the two of you are on a conversation, he always has a way of relating the topic to his previous girlfriend. He talks about how you remind him of her for a while back there, or how she hurt him so badly yet talks about it all the time. What’s worse, you visit his home for the first time and see pictures of him and his ex still standing on his desk like it had been there forever. That’s just the stupidest thing he could do to tell you straight to your face that: He’s. Just. Not. Over. It. So get the hell out!

7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath

7 Signs That You Are Dating a Psychopath

2. His friends are surprised he’s found another girl

This means that he just might have told his buds over beer the other night about how he just can’t get over his ex-girlfriend and how he just can’t stop thinking of her. So, it’s not too surprising for them to wonder how he’s managed to date again so quickly. Well, here’s the thing. Drunk talks are never untrue.

Make friends with his friends, then. For sure, you’re likely to retrieve some helpful information from them – by information, that means his relationship history. If you don’t get them to tell you the things you need to know about him that means they’re hiding something. That alone is a red flag.

3. He just won’t commit

Say you plan on seeing him again next weekend, but he isn’t sure if he’s coming yet. Or you talk over at the phone and he gets to a topic where he says “I’m just keeping my options open”. It definitely means he doesn’t want any commitment yet. Why, you ask? That’s because the last time he has committed to someone, she broke his heart. That’s why he wouldn’t want to go into something “serious” for now. But, you wouldn’t want to settle for anything like that either, would you?

 couple, kiss, love, romance

couple, kiss, love, romance

Nobody wants to be just a replacement when it comes to relationships. You know you don’t deserve to be either. But someday, someone will probably be doing that to you. You just have to know the signs to keep you from falling for the wrong guy.

It’s almost summer and everyone’s buying their bikinis. Guys are working hard out there in the gym while you’re on the internet looking for ways to lose that belly fat. Honey, typing on the keyboard hardly burns you any good amount of fat anyway. So, we’ve compiled the top 3 best exercises to help you start burning those belly fats fast and effectively.

1. Stop the crunches!

Abdominal crunches guarantee muscle build up and really strong ones, but all that belly fat could be hiding it. As a matter of fact, crunches will make your stomachs look big as thicker abs is building underneath it. Alternatively, try the following:

Six Natural Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Six Natural Ways to Lose Belly Fat

  • Waist Sides Stretch

While standing up and your feet hip-width apart, place your right hand on your right hip, and slowly lift your left arm straight away up your body. If you’re doing it right, your palm should be facing the right. Next, lean to your right and reach for the right side with your left arm, stretching your left waist. Do 3 – 5 times on each waist side.

  • The Bridge

Lie down facing up with your hands by your side, your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Your feet should be under your knees. Now, tighten your abdomen and glutes and slowly raise your hips up creating a straight line from your shoulders to knees. Hold this position for 30 seconds. After, lower yourself back to the resting position. Do this 3 – 5 times.

  • The Squats

Stand with your feet about 10 inches apart and extend your arms forward. Now, squat your hips backward. Perform four sets of this exercise with 15 – 20 squats.

2. Start an interval workout

Research shows that interval workout can help build muscles and burn fat more effectively than traditional exercising. Interval workouts involve a high-intensity exercise followed by a brief resting period.

Start by doing a brisk walk with long strides. Go up and down a bunch of stairs keeping the brisk pace.

Sprinting is also a good exercise involving alternate burst of energy. Walk for about 1 minute then start sprinting for about 20 – 30 seconds. After, resume to walking until you catch your breath. Do this for about 10 minutes.

So exactly how low should you go in your squat?

So exactly how low should you go in your squat?

3. Go cardio!

Aerobics can get your heart pumped and help you burn fat quickly resulting in fat-loss all over the body – including the belly. Belly fat is usually the first to burn off during exercises.

Walking, jogging, and swimming all help in burning belly fat – and are very effective. Doing away with these exercises 3 – 4 times a week will increase metabolism and heart rate.

NEVER overdo your cardiovascular exercises. Start easy like exercising 2 – 3 times a week slowly progress so your body will have time to recover. Starting 4 – 6 times a week may lead to injuries.

Be determined in doing these exercises and you’ll get rid of that belly fat in no time. Your body will be ready for bikini season.

There are some people who can easily afford a home through paying cash but there are others who need lenders. Buying a home generally means taking a mortgage. A mortgage is money one uses to purchase a home using the home as collateral for the loan acquired. When looking for what kind of mortgage that best suits you, your future income and current position should be always considered as influential factors. It’s advisable to choose the right loan that will have the most favorable adjustment features in regards to interest rate and processing costs since this will definitely affect your monthly payments and the overall cost of the mortgage. So, buying your first home? What kind of mortgage is right for you?

Whether you are obtaining or financing a mortgage, to be certain that the mortgage one chooses is right and meets their financial targets it is essential that a customer knows the different kinds of mortgages through talking to honest credit counselors, mortgage brokers and even various lenders. There are two main types of mortgages depending with the choice of lender- fixed-rate and adjustable rate. There is however a convertible rate too where one can get the benefits of both the fixed rate and the adjustable rate.

Fixed rate Mortgage

This is the most easily understood and preferred kind of mortgage. They are chosen mainly because of the stability they provide over the period of time. Fixed mortgage rate locks your interest rate enabling one know the principal and interest rate charged on each payment. The only disadvantage of this type of mortgage is that one cannot afford the benefit of a lower rate in the event of one unless one decides to apply for refinancing.

Adjustable Mortgage Rate

Most people are afraid of Adjustable mortgage rate because of the tendency for potential risk of rate fluctuations. The advantage of using an adjustable mortgage rate method is that payments are also set to the term agreed even though the rate may change from time to time. Rate changes affect the payment positively or negatively. If the rate goes down little interest is earned. This means most of your payment goes to the principal and thus facilitates faster payment of the loan. When the rate goes up on the other hand most of the payment will go to the interest and not the principal hence disadvantageous to the consumer. Variable or adjustable rates however have a clause whereby one is not restricted from joining the fixed mortgage rate.

How to get the best mortgage interest rate

How to get the best mortgage interest rate

Convertible Rate

This is a case whereby both the fixed mortgage rate and the adjustable rate features are all into one mortgage applied for by an applier. It provides a settlement between the two as one can have the benefits of an adjustable rate while also being in a position to avoid rising rates. This flexibility provided by this rate is advantageous as it helps the home buyer save a lot of money.

Using an Amortization Schedule to Compare Mortgages

Using an Amortization Schedule to Compare Mortgages

To best get a mortgage rate that would suit one perfectly the state of one’s circumstances is a vital factor. The term agreed for payment also should be factored as longer terms provide lower comfortable monthly payment whereas shorter terms provide higher monthly payments even though interest rate are usually lower. It’s advisable to talk to your lender or financial advisor for further guidance.

Sometimes it’s hard to balance career, family, love, fun, sports, and everything that comes in between. With a busy lifestyle daily, stress is the most significant reward you achieve every time you end your day. Motivating yourself towards the edge could be one factor to be successful. But sometimes limitations on scrubbing so hard could also be ideal to avoid a major burnout.

1. Irritable. When generally you are a loving person towards your kids, family and friends but lately it has been turned upside down. Lately you have become a monster to your kids. You snap out at little things even with your colleagues. You yell and just practically hated everyone that disturbs your concentration.

2. You look sloppy. You stop taking care of yourself because you don’t have the time for it. Every day you drag yourself to bed and monotonously eat, shower, and got to work. You go home late and drag yourself into bed still thinking of the things undone back at the office. You are not able to relax for some time now and thinking of relaxation makes you feel fidgety believing there’s so little time and there’s so much to do to think about other matters first.

3. Losses appetite. The smell of food or even the look of it doesn’t make your mouth watery anymore. You don’t eat on time reasoning you’re too busy to eat. Eating is just a hindrance to meeting the deadlines. Of course, you chomp on whatever your hands get into but never minding what kind of food you are eating or if tastes good even. Just as long as you put food in your stomach to stop it from complaining is all too good for you.

makan, senam, rehat dan be happy!

makan, senam, rehat dan be happy!

4. What you’re doing feels like a baggage as time goes by. You were happy doing what you do from the very start. It is your source of inspiration and creativeness. But as time goes by it seems like a burden to you. Thinking of doing it makes you feel tired and it feels like pulling your own teeth as you force yourself to make a move.

5. Exhaustion. When you feel tired every moment that pass by, this is a complete sign of a burnout. When you do not have the energy to complete the task anymore but you still exert an effort just to fulfill your responsibilities. Exhaustion is sometimes emotional, mental or physical. And beware of it because it sometimes leads to depression that has the tendency to get worse.

Exhaustion is like an enemy to progression.

Exhaustion is like an enemy to progression.

The body can be a working machine if driven into it. But when it starts to get worn out it sends little signals to let you know that things are not going out well. These signals should not be overlooked but must be given proper attention to get things sorted.